New 'Mayans M.C.' Trailer Reveals Huge 'Sons of Anarchy' Cameo

Throughout the first two seasons of Mayans M.C., show creator Kurt Sutter has been sprinkling in nods to Sons of Anarchy. Now, a character from the original series is making his appearance in an upcoming episode. Jax Teller's original Sergeant-at-Arms, Chibs Telford, was just teased in the trailer for episode eight: "Kukulkan."

The character known for his facial scars and supporting Jax at every turn was briefly shown in the short trailer, telling Bishop and members of the Mayans charter that he is looking for a drink.

"What a Scotsman gotta do to get a drink around here," Chibs asks as he greets the assembled members of the Mayans.

"Seems the words out [Kurt Sutter]#SOA," Tommy Flanagan wrote on Twitter. "'see yez next week.' #Mayans"

Chibs Telford is the latest member of SAMCRO to potentially have a sizable role in Mayans M.C. Happy was a key figure in multiple episodes and had his own run-ins with the Southern California-based club while Jax's mother, Gemma Teller Morrow, was briefly seen during a flashback sequence set in a prison. With Chibs making his appearance, there are many questions that must be asked. For example, what role will he now hold in SAMCRO? When Jax became club president, he promoted Chibs to Sergeant-at-Arms but that was title was fairly short-lived.

The Belfast native later became the vice president due to circumstances surrounding Bobby Munson and, ultimately, president as Sons of Anarchy came to an end. Is Chibs still the man in charge of the Redwood chapter?

Additionally, there is also the question surrounding the final moments of Jax Teller. Chibs was the man that shot his former president in the arm in the series finale and allowed him to take one last ride prior to the series ending. Will he share more details about Jax during discussions with the members of the Mayans? After all, Sutter has not been shy about including little Easter eggs that reference his original series and could choose to do so once again in the eighth episode of season two.

The answer to these questions should be answered when the eighth episode of Mayans M.C. airs next week. Of course, this will likely only create even more questions as to which original cast members could be making an appearance. Fans have been clamoring for Nero to make an appearance and will continue to do so until he shows up near the USA/Mexico border.


Mayans M.C. airs Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo Credit: FX