'Mayans M.C.': 'Sons of Anarchy' Character Reveals Big Twist in EZ's Mother Murder Investigation

Mayans M.C. finally staged the confrontation between EZ, Angel and Sons of Anarchy's Happy, and it did not go the way you think. Last week's episode left the Reyes brothers ambushing the beloved character at his home in Charming, searching for answers as to why Happy (David Labrava) pulled the trigger on their mother many years before.

The episode provided much needed answers, along with new questions that revealed a much bigger conspiracy involved in the death of EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel's (Clayton Cardenas) mother.

Spoilers ahead for Mayans M.C. Season 2, Episode 4: "Lahun Chan"

Tuesday's new episode kicked off almost exactly where it left off, with EZ and Angel capturing Happy and trying to torture information about their mother's death out of him. The brothers also had some dirty laundry to talk through, choosing to do it with an ill-timed fist-fight in Happy's kitchen.

The brothers had a fight with time during their standoff with Happy, as his phone kept going off with a SAMCRO prospect hoping to reach him. Despite their attempts at manipulation, Happy seemed uncrackable as he assured them their fight would end with either himself or them dead.

One thing he admitted rather quickly was that he was in fact the person who pulled the trigger and, as viewers found out in the Season 2 premiere, that he was also meant to kill Felipe (Edward James Olmos). At that moment, EZ is forced to share with Angel that he found out about Felipe's former identity of Ignacio Cortina, a police officer in Mexico part of the "Policia Federales." The fact EZ already knew about it feels like another betrayal for Angel, leading to their fist fight in the kitchen.

After they solve their differences with a violent heart-to-heart, the brothers once again shift their focus to Happy. Angel cuts out one of his happy face tattoos in an attempt to sway him to telling them who ordered the hit, but he remains quiet. His dog, Ope, keeps barking and barking and Angel grows exasperated and goes to shoot it. That moment makes Happy wince, and Angel finds his weakness.

Once the brothers feed Happy's dog and promise not to hurt it, Happy reveals he was given the order to kill their parents by Les Packer (Packer), the Sons of Anarchy president for the San Bernardino chapter. He assumed that the cartel had ordered the hit on the couple, but he only had a chance to kill their mother before he heard cars and had to run off. When he ran away from EZ days later, he believed he was a cartel man sent to kill him to clean the loose end.

The fright inspired Happy all of those years ago to stop riding Nomad and join SAMCRO. He promised the brothers he didn't have any more information because Packer didn't divulge any details.

Rather than killing the man, EZ and Angel were caught in a problem when the SAMCRO prospect arrived at the house wondering what had happened to Happy. Happy, however, covered for the brothers and said he understood since he would not let his mother's killer live, as they are doing.


The episode ended with the brothers heading back south to continue their search for answers. Is Packer their next target?

Who ordered the hit on the Reyes family? Does it have anything to do with Felipe and Dita's past relationship? Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.