'Mayans M.C.' Season 1 Finale Will Feature 'Significant' 'Sons of Anarchy' Crossover, Kurt Sutter Says

The season one finale of Mayans M.C. will feature a "significant" Sons of Anarchy crossover, according to series creator Kurt Sutter.

Sutter recently appeared on The IMDB Show and shared details about the upcoming episode.

"I would say that in the finale there is a significant Son's intersection," Sutter said after being begged by the host for some info. "That's all I'm going to give you. An intersection between mythologies."

While it isn't much, it's certainly notable, as there have already been a small handful of other SoA throwbacks and references in Mayans M.C. over the course of the first season.

In addition to chatting about Mayans and SoA, Sutter also revealed that while he loves the comedy genre and would like to shoot one, its just not his specialty when it comes to writing scripts.

"I love comedy. I used to do standup, and I put a lot of humor in my scripts and when I start it and try to write a comedy, someone is always dead by page 15! It's just not funny," he joked.

Sutter also revealed that his current favorite TV show is not his own, but rather a new Netflix series that has taken the rest of the world captive as well.

"I don't watch a lot of serialized drama. The one just I just started watching that is actually really well done is The Haunting of Hill House. I'm not a big horror guy, but it's not about the scare, it's about the impact and the family which is really fascinating," he explained.

In a previous interview with Variety, Sutter spoke more in-depth about his time on Sons of Anarchy, and shared that it certainly taught him a lot about filmmaking and storytelling.

"The stuff that I learned on Sons, the education of how to tell stories, was part of that mythology," he shared. "It's hard to look at it and go, 'Oh, if I knew this, I would have done it this way,' because the fact is I like to think that all that sort of unraveled as it was supposed to. And not just in terms of story, but in terms of where I was at and the creatives I surrounded myself with."


He also revealed in that interview that he actually pitched Sons of Anarchy to several different networks before landing right back at FX, where he has previously worked on The Shield. Notably, he aired his next series — The Bastard Executioner — there as well, and it is now the home of Mayans M.C. also.