'Mayans M.C.' Features Childhood Sweethearts EZ and Emily in New Promo

FX is putting the spotlight on lapsed love affairs in their latest teaser for Mayans M.C.

Fans are just a couple of days away from the big premiere of Mayans M.C., and in the build up, FX has flooded Twitter with teasers and promos. Among the latest is a powerful image depicting Eziekel "EZ" Reyes (J.D. Pardo) and his childhood sweetheart, and Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger).

Emily is shown standing just behind EZ with a stern expression, one hand resting lightly on his shoulder, fingers curling toward his throat. As they each look in a different direction, the whole picture sinks back and becomes blurred.

EZ and Emily fill the central position in a stained glass window, with two winged cherubs above them and skulls beneath them. The sunlight shines through them, while candles burn in the foreground. Most ominously, the blurred detail makes it even harder to tell what Emily's hand is doing by EZ's throat.

The teaser warns of their "shared past," which makes sense, as early synopses of the show have explained that Emily and EZ have a long history together. The two dated for a while until EZ was tempted into a criminal lifestyle. After he went to jail, she began seeing a rich man, whom she now lives with in a big house high on the hill.

Still, Emily cannot be all innocent, as the teasers have left no doubt that she has something to answer for in the series. Another Twitter post warned that "some secrets are best kept hidden," featuring a clip of Emily's face going in and out of shadow.

It is unclear how Emily will factor into the story, which picks up with EZ's release from prison. With no clear-cut path ahead of him, he becomes a prospect for the Mayans biker club, of which his brother is a member. Last year, in an interview with PopCulture.com, Bolger assured us that series creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James had lined up a magnificent story for all the characters.

"I think audience members who love Sons of Anarchy are going to be so happy," she declared. "It's just so good."


"I can just tell you Kurt Sutter is a genius and I was so nervous meeting him for the first time," she went on. "Absolutely couldn't find my breath walking into the room and just had to get it together. Cause Sons of Anarchy is so smartly written and it's so aggressive and so brilliant. And all of those characters, I think Jax is just a brilliant lead, and all the characters are so watchable. I feel like he's just gonna take all that genius and bring it over to Mayans in the best new way. Cause it feels new and it feels different to Sons of Anarchy. But also just very loyal to the show and I think fans will really enjoy it."

Mayans M.C. premieres Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on FX. The first episode is available now to subscribers of the FX Now streaming service.