'Mayans M.C.' Characters Die as Revenge for Last Week's Hit

It was revenge fans were expecting, but it was more of a question of when and how. Season 3 of Mayans M.C. started with a bang, and in Ep. 6 things took a turn that will start a "war." In the previous episode, viewers were already left with their jaws on the floor after a main character was shot, but Tuesday's episode proves that the writers aren't afraid to cut ties with any character. Spoilers ahead for Season 3, Ep. 6.

Following Ep. 5, Richard Cabral, who plays the role of Coco in the series, took to his Instagram and teased fans with a video and said "people might die" only furthering everyone's questions. He wasn't wrong. People did die. After it became clear that EZ (JD Pardo) was attacked by fellow Mayans from the Stockton charter, that didn't go over well with Bishop (Michael Irby), especially after finding out Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) was defending the Stockton group.

After Angel (Clayton Cardenas) was forced to hold back from killing the man responsible for his brother's injury, he was finally given the green light to take action against Stockton. After those Stockton members left the hospital, Angel and another fellow Santo Padre member pulled up to their car while everyone was driving on the highway and shot the driver and passenger, with Alvarez's guys witnessing the entire incident seemingly without a care. Shortly after, EZ received a text from his brother saying, "We're going to war." only indicating to fans that things are about to take a violent turn in the next episodes.

Fans almost thought EZ (JD Pardo) might not make it after he was unexpectedly shot in the torso right in front of Gaby (Sulem Calderon), which caused him to lose a gallon of blood. The entire scene was completely unexpected and perfectly placed as the last scene in the episode, only to leave fans begging for more. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Calderon said that scene only took them one-take to shoot. "So before heading to set, I knew that this scene was going to be very powerful," adding that she not only had to bring her "A-game" but how she and Pardo knocked the scene out in one take. "It had to be one take because we want the audience and the fans to ride the wave with us [...] even the camera and how it just spins off and then it goes to me," she said, detailing that the "vulnerable" moment between her character and EZ was one they wanted fans to take note of.

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