Late Night Hosts Pull No Punches in Mocking Matt Lauer

Nobody is safe from the mockery of late-night TV hosts.

Following the termination of long-running Today anchor Matt Lauer over allegations of sexual misconduct, late-night TV hosts took aim, even hitting President Donald Trump with their ridicule.

Trevor Noah from Comedy Central's The Daily Show kicked off the 11 o'clock hour by reminding viewers that Lauer is just one in a string of public news figures that have been taken down by accusations of sexual assault. "There was Bill O'Reilly, Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin. Soon they'll have enough guys to start their own perv news network."

Jimmy Kimmel was up next, starting his 11:35 p.m. broadcast by announcing how he had learned of Lauer's termination. "This morning my wife looked at her phone. She went 'Oh my god Matt Lauer,' which of course I assumed he was dead. So I guess this is better? I don't know," the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host said.

Kimmel didn't focus on Lauer for long, though, instead taking aim at President Trump, reading a tweet that he had posted after news of Lauer's firing was made public. "If anyone knows about inappropriate behavior in the workplace at NBC, it's Donald J. Trump," Kimmel said. "Is he aware that he's him? I don't think he is. I think he sees Donald Trump on TV and goes, 'I like that guy.'"


CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert host was much more direct with his ridicule, choosing to focus his segment entirely on Trump rather than Lauer. "By 'fake news' do you mean more than a dozen women have accused Trump of improper conduct or sexual assault? Is that what you mean?" Colbert wondered, referencing the President's tweet. "You don't get to comment. That is the pot calling the kettle at 3 a.m. and asking what she's wearing."

Lauer, a two-decade verteran of Today, was fired by NBC News Tuesday after a staffer filed a complaint alleging that the 59-year-old had sexually assaulted her. His co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb tearfully announced his termination during Wednesday morning's broadcast.