Matt Lauer Vows 'I'll Be Back on TV' After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Matt Lauer is confident that he will get back on TV some day even after the slew of sexual harassment allegations against him.

"I've been busy being a dad. But don't worry, I'll be back on TV," the former anchor reportedly said to fans at Donohue's Steak House in Manhattan. He was speaking to a group of "older ladies," a source revealed, all of whom said they missed the veteran host.

Lauer was fired as co-host of NBC's Today show in November. He was officially terminated over one internal complaint, though several more allegations of sexual abuse later surfaced. Still, according to a report by Page Six, Lauer recently assured a small crowd that he would get back on the small screen soon.

That may very well be Lauer's plan. He has been easing back into public life, appearing at the Hampton Classic Horse Show over the weekend and other events in the area. Even his presence at the steak house is a step forward, and he was reportedly seen having lunch with a Today show senior producer in June.

On top of all that, multiple reports now claim that Lauer and his wife, Annette Roque, have reached a divorce settlement at last. According to Entertainment Tonight, Lauer has agreed to pay Roque $20 million in the split, and they will share custody of their three children.

An insider told the outlet that Lauer "wants to make sure Annette is taken care of."

"Matt and Annette have had an incredibly difficult year," the source added. "They both wanted to settle their divorce amicably for their children's sake but it hasn't been easy."


With all of these slight turns away from ruin, Lauer is apparently feeling hopeful. Still, It was reported last year that his infamous office at NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center was demolished, including the button that was rumored to lock the door from behind his desk. If any production were to take a chance on Lauer, they would be forced to contend with a rehashing of all the old accusations, and he would be forced to recreate his reputation from scratch.

Lauer is not the only one trying to come back from sexual misconduct allegations. Just this weekend, Louis C.K. made an unexpected appearance on stage in New York City, trying out new standup material. The comedian's attempt at a comeback has been poorly received, with many on Twitter condemning the club for giving him a platform.