'The Masked Singer' Eliminated the Rhino, and They're an MLB Legend

Season 3 of The Masked Singer is winding down. On Wednesday night's episode, the final three contestants who will compete for the crown were revealed. After thrilling performances from Night Angel, Rhino, Frog, and Turtle, host Nick Cannon revealed that Rhino was eliminated. Afterward, the judges all gave their final guesses as to their identity. The Rhino was then unmasked and shown to be baseball player Barry Zito (judges Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy both managed to guess his identity correctly). Night Angel, Frog, and the Turtle will now compete for the masked trophy in Masked Singer's season finale, which will air on May 20.

The Masked Singer's latest elimination comes one week after the competition shocked viewers with who was sent home. On the May 6 episode, Kitty was eliminated. It was later revealed that America's Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho was the Kitty all along. Evancho, a singer in her own right, previously competed on the fifth season of AGT, where she came in second. Shortly after her elimination, Evancho spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her time on the FOX series.

In her interview, Evancho related that it was easy for her to decide to be on the show as she's been a fan for quite some time. She shared, "It was so easy for me to do this because I actually loved the show before I was offered to be on it. And I was like, this could be such a fun experience to be anonymous. It was actually a great learning experience for me." The AGT alum went on to share that she has big plans for the future, and those plans involve her alter-ego the Kitty.

"Kitty is inside of me. She wasn't all fake. She's a part of me that I had never got to show the world," Evancho explained. "Because if I even dared to, people would say I was trying to be an adult… even though I am! So I would really like to make songs, record songs, and write songs that are taken more seriously. And then I would really love to act and model, although I'm 5 feet 2 inches so that probably won't happen. I would love to do some fashion stuff, too. I would love to make a clothing line and perfume and makeup. There's no limit!"