Major 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Finally Coming to 'Mayans M.C.'

Mayans was already prepped to face off with the Sons of Anarchy this season as the two motorcycle clubs on FX prepare for war. And while it is the San Bernardino chapter of the Sons of Anarchy that's on the frontlines against Miguel, EZ and the Mayans club, one of the originals is about to get involved.

As confirmed by Kim Coates on Twitter, he'll return to the outlaw life as Tig Trager on future episodes of Mayans. He'll be the latest SOA alum to appear on the series, with Tommy Flanagan previously getting the honor with a return of Chibbs on an earlier season of Mayans.

For Tig, we get to see how his tenure as vice president is shaping up after he took on the mantle in the Sons of Anarchy finale. "I'm Back. Like really back. The war is on ..keep watching peeps... s-t is about to explode ...SOA vs MMC," Coates wrote on Twitter along with a picture of Tig next to El Padrino Emilio Rivera. He was also sure to remind fans how his character isn't one to be fooled with.

He also addressed the fan frenzy that he sparked when he revealed his pending return. "Well...Twitter kinda exploded the other night at the news Tig was coming back. Please forgive me not to get back to the 2.5 million screams and quotes ( ok it wasn't 2.5 mil but it was a lot :) peace and love. Bring a seat belt when Trager finally arrives this season," Coates wrote.

Katey Sagal also technically made a cameo earlier in Mayans run, appearing in old footage as Gemma to show how the two shows were in the same world together. Whether other members could pop back up is up in the air. Most of the original gang is dead, either willingly or in one of the shows many murders.

One possibility that hasn't seemed to come up just yet is the potential return of Jax Teller's sons. While their father's return is guaranteed never to happen, unless it is some funky flashback, there were once plans to create a spin-off featuring the boys after they were older. While a brief appearance on Mayans seems to be underwhelming, being able to see where they have gotten to in life could be a way to gauge interest in a project down the road.

And considering some of the wild twists and turns the story of SAMCRO has taken over the years, is it the most farfetched idea? Then again, most fans are happy with how the shows are running as is and creator Kurt Sutter is no longer directly involved in the production.