'Major Crimes' Creator Discusses Possible Pickup After TNT Cancellation

Major Crimes may have been tossed aside by TNT, but creator James Duff still has some hope for the drama and its fans.

On Sunday, Duff posted a long message to his Facebook page, to talk about the recent cancellation of Major Crimes. He also used the opportunity to discuss a possible second life for the series on another platform.

"Transferring Major Crimes to a streaming platform would probably be a net plus in subscriptions for the company that took the risk," Duff said of a possible acquisition by Hulu or Netflix. "I am sure a large part of our audience would follow. But the acquisition of Major Crimes would be purely a business decision."

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Duff continued the post by getting into the technical side of things. He stated that, even if another network or platform wanted to produce Major Crimes, they would have a few hoops to jump through.

"Another impediment to going elsewhere: Major Crimes is the property of Warner Brothers Television Studio; most other distribution platforms are focused on not only airing new shows, but also owning them," Duff explains. "This is a bit of inside baseball (and I promise not digress into a discussion about the Sherman Anti-Trust Act), but it is a challenging factor in deciding where else Major Crimes could live."

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While these comments do offer hope for fans of the series, they're nothing but speculation by the creator at this point. There has been no official word about a pickup at this time.