'Lost' Stars Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway and Henry Ian Cusick Reunite in New Photo

Josh Holloway gave Lost fans a reason to smile this week by sharing a photo from his recent reunion with co-stars Henry Ian Cusick and Daniel Dae Kim. Fresh Off the Boat executive producer Melvin Mar shared another photo from the small Lost reunion in Hawaii. The Yellowstone star's wife, Yessica Holloway, also shared a photo from the reunion with Cusick and the Scandal star's wife, Annie Cusick.

"Aloha from the island," Holloway captioned the photo, adding the hashtag "Brothas4L." Lost co-star Harold Perrineau missed the reunion, but he added four fire emojis in response to the post. Holloway also shared Yessica's post from the reunion, showing the Holloways and Cusicks enjoying a meal together. "You irresponsible people are responsible for my hangover," Yessica joked. Cusick shared Holloway's post on his Instagram Story, jokingly writing, "Detox week."

Another photo from the reunion popped up in Mar's collection of photos from his Fourth of July weekend in Hawaii, notes PEOPLE. "Great 4th of July weekend with some of my favorite Americans," Mar wrote. Mar's post included another photo of himself having a meal with actress Jacqueline Kim and Kim's Hawaii Five-0 costar Grace Park. Mar is one of the producers on Disney+'s upcoming series American Born Chinese starring Michelle Yeoh.

Lost was created by J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Jeffrey Lieber, and ran on ABC for six seasons between 2004 and 2010. Holloway starred in all six seasons as James "Sawyer" Ford, while Cusick joined in Season 2 as Desmond Hume. Kim played Jin-Soo Kwon, and Perrineau played Michael Dawson. The entire show is available to stream on Hulu. The first season won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama series.

Although the show has been over for 12 years, Perrineau recently told PEOPLE he stays in touch with Holloway and Kim. "The three of us are really the three amigos," Perrineau said. He believes the fact that their children grew up together while they shot Lost is one reason the families stay close.

"Our kids grew up knowing each other. And they're all in New York, and when my daughter [Aurora] was in New York, doing Prodigal Son, they could catch up once in a while," Perrineau told PEOPLE. "We do catch up more than anybody else."

The reunion isn't the only reason for Lost fans to cheer. Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shephard, returned to acting for the first time in seven years for the new Peacock thriller Last Light. It is Fox's first series since Lost ended and his first acting project since the 2015 movie Bone Tomahawk. Peacock has not announced a premiere date yet.