'Live With Kelly and Ryan': Michael Gelman Shares Photo With 'Love of My Life'

Live with Kelly and Ryan executive producer Michael Gelman celebrated a special day with his wife, journalist and author Laurie Gelman, last week. Laurie celebrated her 58th birthday on April 4, prompting Gelman to share a photo with her on Instagram. The Gelmans also celebrated their daughter Misha's 18th birthday on April 3. Gelman and Laurie are also parents to musician Jamie, 21.

"Wishing a very happy birthday to the love of my life. Still loving you more and more every day," Gelman wrote on April 4. He included the hashtags "happy birthday," "best wife," "best mom," and "married life." Many of Gelman's friends and fans wished Laurie a happy birthday.

Gelman also shared several photos of Misha on her birthday. "Happy 18th birthday to my baby Misha. You've grown up so fast, into a spectacular young [woman]," he wrote. Laurie posted photos of Misha as well, writing, "Happy 18th birthday to beautiful Misha! Now you can vote and gamble. Can't wait to see what you will do with those new privileges. Also can't wait for the next four years at Tulane. Roll wave, my love. I'm so proud of you!"

In December, the Gelmans said Misha would attend Tulane in 2022. "I can't believe my baby girl is going to college! We are proud to announce that Misha will be attending Tulane University in the fall – Class of 2026," Gelman wrote on Instagram. "Roll Wave!"

Laurie was born in Ottowa and began her journalism career in Canada before moving to the U.S. in the 1990s. She hosted the FX morning show Breakfast Time with Tom Bergeron. She also wrote the novels Class Mom, You've Been Volunteers, and Yoga Pant Nation. Her next book, Smells Like Tween Spiritwill be published this year.

Class Mom was a finalist for the 2018 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humor. "I think just having a story is a win – but a great story? Hmmm... I would say intrigue, romance, and humor," she told CBC News when asked to list three words that make a story great. "Although not always humor because some things just aren't funny. In lieu of humor, I would say veritas."

Gelman, 60, began working with Regis Philbin during the 1980s and has been the executive producer of Live through every different incarnation. The show has featured Kelly Ripa since 2001, and Ryan Seacrest joined in 2017. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Seacrest said he and Ripa make such a great morning show team because of their friendship.


"Kelly and I have been friends for two decades. So we know each other way before – longer before we were on the air together," Seacrest said. "When we look at each other and talk to each other, there's obviously a tremendous amount of trust and respect, but also we can read each other's mind. And I didn't know we could do that so well, but that's true every day."