'Live in Front of a Studio Audience' Hyped up by ABC With New Preview, But Fans Aren't Sure What to Think

Wednesday's airing of Live in Front of a Studio Audience is being hyped up by ABC with a brand new preview, but it seems as if fans aren't entirely sure what to think about the show. In promotional clip shared to Twitter, the stars of tonight's big event are shown talking about what fans can expect, which is live recreations of two classic TV episodes: one from All In The Family, and one from Good Times. Viewers have been posting comments on the clip since it was shared, and it appears that opinions on the project are all over the place.

"Ok so can someone tell me how the hell they are recreating All in the Family in 2019? This is gonna be the uber PC version I am assuming? Why do this?" one person asked, to which someone else replied, "The one they did last year was the redoing of an old episode. Same dialogue, same script. It wasn't a reboot or update, just today's actors acting out an old episode. It was okay."

"Tonight, the only show worthy of our time to watch is President Trump's rally on OANN," another user commented, to which someone else countered, "I dunno, the season finale of The Masked Singer is tonight..."

"This is going to be an EPIC train wreck, I might watch just to see it tank!!! [Woody Harrelson] first ZombyLand (sic) 2 and now this... you need a better agent," another user commented.

"You folks do realize what is happening in America today? Most will be watching to see if Trump gets impeached," one other person offered.


For those who will be tuning in to catch the show, Live in Front of a Studio Audience airs at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.