'Lethal Weapon' Star Damon Wayans Hints at On-Set Tension That May Have Led to Clayne Crawford Exit

Lethal Weapon star Damon Wayans has hinted that on-set tensions were what may have led to Clayne Crawford exiting the show.

Deadline reports that Wayans was recently asked about Crawford being fired from the show, and he responded diplomatically.

"I wish him the best, I wish him luck," Wayans stated, then adding that he himself is moving "onward and upward."

Wayans' response is drastically different than when he took to Twitter in the past to blast Crawford, once posting a photo that depicted his former co-star along with the words "Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist."

Regarding Crawford's character being shot in the final episode of season two — a move that was subsequently used to explain his exit — Wayans implied that Crawford was aware this was a possibility.

"I know that he was involved in all the writing, he knew he was being shot, and he was very happy with where the show was going," he said. "He was involved in the process."

Wayans also spoke about how things have been on set since shooting for season three of the series began.

"We're only the first (episode) in but it is definitely a lot lighter in tone, and we are having fun, on and off set," the actor said. "It's just a lot looser, nobody's overthinking, just doing and having fun doing."

As has been widely reported, Crawford's character is not being recast, but the actor has been replaced in his lead role by Seann William Scott. Who will be playing a new character named Wesley Cole.

During his interview, Wayans shared a little about how their two characters come together.

"Right now Murtaugh is mourning the death of his friend so he is not that happy, silly Murtaugh, but I think what they want to do with the Wesley Cole character is, he is the light that Murtaugh needs to be pulled back from the dark," he revealed.

He also divulged some details about Scott's character, saying that Cole "is an ex-CIA agent working on the same case, chasing mercenaries, investigating, solving crime together" with Wayans' Roger Murtaugh. "It is love at first crime," Wayans joked.

While there are many who are very excited to see what Scott brings to the show, Crawford has a very dedicated fanbase who have not been pleased about his firing, going so far as to publicly criticize Wayans for his speaking out against his former co-star.


Regardless, the show must go on, and it will when season three of Lethal Weapon airs on Fox on September 25.