'Law & Order: SVU': Fin Grills ADA Peter Stone on Misconduct Allegations in Explosive New Clip

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit continues tackling ripped-from-the-headlines subjects with this week's episode, "Mea Culpa," when A.D.A. Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) is accused of sexual misconduct.

In a preview scene from the episode, Detective Odafin Tutuola (Ice-T) confronts Stone in Fin's apartment. The clip opens with Stone waking up on Fin's black leather couch.

"What happened last night?" a woozy Stone asked Fin.

"You said you were accused of rape," Fin reminded him.

"I ran into a woman that I didn't recognize at first. She looked at me like she'd seen a ghost…then she accused me of assaulting her," Stone said.

Stone told Fin he first met the woman accusing him several years ago after a baseball game, providing a reminder that Stone played baseball before perusing a legal career. After the game, Stone returned to the hotel with the woman and they had a steamy night together. However, she was gone when he woke up. He tried to call her up the next day, but she told him she would call the police if he ever tried to contact her again.

Stone insisted he did not rape anyone, but Fin reminded him how dangerous it is to lie.

"I am telling you the truth! I'm not lying to you," Stone told Fin. "And I might not remember everything, but I know I didn't rape anyone."

"Mea Culpa" picks up right after the events of last week's "Hell's Kitchen," which combined two inspired-by-a-true-story plots into one episode. First, a woman accused a celebrity chef of assault, which led the team to discover other women accused him of assault. Then, the chef's friend, a prosecutor, was accused of sexually harassing a girl while in high school.

The chef's story was inspired by the Spotted Pig restaurant scandal in New York City, while the prosecutor's story was inspired by the allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The prosecutor even said he did not want to get "Judge Kavanaughed."

While the tone of the episode, "Mea Culpa," airing Thursday is a very serious one, fans have grown excited to learn they will be seeing into Fin's apartment for the first time ever, even though the character has been on the show since season two. Fans can see that Fin has red walls and a breakfast bar with black leather stools. He also appears to have a framed photo of his grandson. We do know Fin is a former U.S. Army Ranger with an ex-wife, a son and a nephew played by Ludacris in 2006 and 2007. We also know Fin does not have any bagels.


"Mea Culpa" is also the second-consecutive episode directed by an actor. Last week's episode was helmed by former Chicago Fire star Monica Raymund, while tonight's was directed by Mariska Hargitay, who stars as Olivia Benson. This is the sixth episode Hargitay has directed.

Photo credit: NBC