'Law & Order: SVU' Fans Call for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Crossover After Reference in Ariel Winter Episode

Jake Peralta working with Olivia Benson once sounded like a bizarre fan fantasy, but it could [...]

Jake Peralta working with Olivia Benson once sounded like a bizarre fan fantasy, but it could happen after Thursday night's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. During a scene in "The Darkest Journey Home," starring Ariel Winter, Detective Amanda Rollins made a reference to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, confirming the two police squads exist in the same universe. Now, fans need a crossover after the fleeting mention.

In the episode, the SVU team discovered that Reagan (Winter) was raped on a boat. Thanks to the help of the Nine-Nine (Nine-Nine!), the police arrested the owner of the boat.

"The Nine-Nine just called in. They picked up the owner of the boat, Anthony Marino," Rollins (Kelli Giddish) said. "He lives in Brooklyn. They're bringing him in now."

After the scene aired, the SVU social media team posted a GIF of Rollins making the comment. Instantly, the tweet earned dozens of responses from fans who want to see characters from the super-serious drama meet Peralta, Santiago and the rest of the zany Nine-Nine crew.

One fan noted that there is a significant problem with SVU and Nine-Nine crossing over. Dean Winters starred as Peralta's nemesis The Vulture on Nine-Nine, but he also played Brian Cassidy on SVU. Unfortunately, The Vulture's real name is Keith Pembroke, not Cassidy, so there will need to be an explanation for why the two characters look like twins!

In another complication, Andre Braugher, who plays Captain Ray Holt on Nine-Nine, has also appeared on SVU in the past. He played defense attorney Bayard Ellis in six episodes, making his most recent appearance in 2015.

Weirdly enough, Braugher was the breakout star of Homicide: Life on the Streets, playing Detective Frank Pembleton. Homicide is also part of the SVU world, since Richard Belzer famously played Detective John Munch on both shows.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a police comedy, with Andy Samberg starring as Peralta and Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago. The rest of the cast includes Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, Braugher, Dick Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller. The show was canceled by Fox after Season 5, but NBC saved it for Season 6. The network renewed it for Season 7, which will begin in January 2020.

Photo credit: NBC