'Law & Order: SVU's Detective Rollins Reveals She's Pregnant as Baby's Father Is Shrouded in Mystery

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fans received quite the surprise Thursday night when one of the star characters revealed she's pregnant.

Detective Amanda Rollins finally spilled the beans to her superior, Lieutenant Olivia Benson, after she started showing signs she was expecting a little one — including a little morning sickness and a few not-so-subtle pregnancy cravings.

Although Benson was overjoyed to hear the news from her subordinate, it doesn't seem to be all good news for the fair-haired detective — as of right now, she seems to be conflicted about keeping the baby. That is, until Benson pulls the mother card and whips out a video of Rollins' daughter calling her "mama."

"That's playing dirty," Rollins says.

"I distinctly remember when you showed that to me, you told me that it was the best moment of your life. This is your decision to make alone. I will defend to the death your right to make it, but regret is an awful thing to live with," Benson says.

One of the likely reasons Rollins is torn up about having another child could be due to the baby's paternity. Although she hasn't directly addressed who the father is — much to the chagrin of many SVU fans who are grasping for answers — a scene in the beginning of the season premiere seems to suggest it's a man from her past, played by Scandal actor George Newbern.

Newbern is set for a recurring role on the police procedural as Dr. Al Pollack, a charming doctor from Rollins' past who seems to have a bit of a wandering eye. Viewers caught just a glimpse into his character as he apologized to the detective, promising he's a changed man — that is, of course, until Rollins comes back from the bathroom and finds him shamelessly flirting with the waitress.

The scene the two shared in the premiere is the only look into Rollins' personal life fans received Thursday night, and it's anyone's guess when the mystery of the baby's father will be solved.

All signs seem to point to the detective going through with the pregnancy, however — particularly since actress Kelli Giddish recently revealed during her appearance at Tribeca TV Festival's SVU 20th Anniversary celebration that she's expecting her second child. Reports confirm Giddish's pregnancy will be worked into the show's storyline.

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