'Last Man Standing' Packs in Zinger About Tim Allen's Iconic Role in 'Toy Story'

The newest episode of Last Man Standing snuck in a zinger about Tim Allen's iconic Toy Story role, but it happens so fast fans could miss it.

As heard in a new preview clip for the episode, "There for the Road," Mike Baxter (Allen) enters Bud's Buds (a smoke-shop that previously belonged to his father) and hears his son-in-law Ryan tell a customer, "Have a buzzed light-year."

Obviously a reference to Allen's Buzz Lightyear from the Pixar franchise, Mike replies, "Wow. Is nothing sacred?"

Last Man Standing is returning from its winter hiatus, since returning to television by way of FOX, after being cancelled by ABC in 2017. The Season 7 premiere pulled in huge ratings for the network, earning the record for "most-watched [Fox] Friday telecast in 18 years," per Indie Wire.

Allen spoke to the outlet about how Last Man Standing's return reception, revealing that he was quite "distracted" by his "mom’s 90th [birthday] party" when he was first told about how big the debut was.

"I certainly bumped into a number of people who had never seen the show when it was on ABC, that had found it in syndication. So I was hoping it would get maybe a little bit of boost. I did not expect that number," he shared. "Obviously, those numbers were big because it was coming back. We’ve settled into our more stable number, but the stable number is still phenomenal. Better than I expected."

Allen also opened up about what it was like trying to get the cast and crew back together after having been off the air for over a year.

"That was really challenging," he admitted. "[FOX TV Group chairman] Dana Walden called out of nowhere and said, 'I just want to get a feeling. Would you be interested.' I said, 'I would be very interested. But there’s so many bowling pins that have fallen down, I don’t know whether we can pick this up. These are three things I need from you. There’s this, this, and this.' She said, 'Give me 48 hours.' I mean to the minute, I get this text, and she’s like, 'I’m in.'"


"I wanted to make sure we got everybody back. I didn’t want to have it where two kids were killed in a plane crash. She said, 'That is a challenge, but I think I can make that happen.' I wanted the same crew, as much as we can knowing that it’s been 18 months. Some people have moved on. Slowly but surely, these weird things came in," Allen added. "I happen to know the facilities manager here [at CBS Studio Center]. He goes, 'You know that the set’s open?' It was a weird 24 hours. I get a hold of Fox and told them they’d have to move now and commit and they said, 'Done.' "

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.