'Last Man Standing': Mike Reveals Gender of Kristin's Baby in Heartwarming Reveal Party

In this week's Last Man Standing, Tim Allen's Mike Baxter found himself in an odd position. Kristin (Amanda Fuller) asked him to plan her gender reveal party, which he thought would be an opportunity to drive Vanessa (Nancy Travis) wild. That did not exactly go as well as he hoped, but the end justified it all and we all learned the gender of Kristin's new baby.

"You've Got Male (Or Female)" began after Kristin's baby shower and Vanessa revealing to Mike that Kristin wants a gender reveal party that will go viral. "Remember when that used to mean a high fever, severe itching and body sores?" Mike asked. "I miss those days."

Later, Kristin asked Mike to plan the party, which was a big shock. Kristin thought Mike could hold on to a secret better than Vanessa, so that's why she asked. Mike surprisingly took the chance without a second thought, even though he hates parties. He said yes because knowing something Vanessa did not would drive her insane.

"Dad, that's not why we're really asking you," Kristin told him.

"Yeah, I know... that's just a perk," Mike said.

Kristin really didn't understand this, but Mike said Vanessa would love to torture him too. "That's why we make such a great couple," Mike said.

"You have an odd marriage," Kristen said.

"Every relationship's about power. You just gave me the nuclear codes," Mike said.

Throughout the episode, Mike tried to drive Vanessa insane, but she insisted she was immune to it. She told Mike she "matured" and will patiently wait for the party. However, on the day of the party, Vanessa could not resist and found the glitter bomb machine. It exploded, covering her in green glitter. Mike felt vindicated, since he proved Vanessa just could not wait until everyone else learned the baby's gender.

Mike still had a beautiful gender reveal planned. He made pink confetti rain down on the family, revealing that Kristin is having a baby. Mike and Vanessa will have their first granddaughter.

During last week's Season 8 premiere, Kristin announced she and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) are expecting their second child. The pregnancy was written into the series as actress Amanda Fuller was pregnant during production. In real life, Fuller and her husband Matthew Bryan Feld welcomed their first child in November.

In the season premiere, there was a heartbreaking moment when Kristin and Mandy (Molly McCook) discussed a miscarriage Kristin suffered, which was why Kristin waiting longer to announce her new pregnancy.

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Photo credit: Michael Becker/Fox