'Last Man Standing': Mike Is Pranked Into Calling Chuck His 'Best Friend' on Halloween

Last Man Standing celebrated Halloween early this week in 'Bride of Prankenstein,' making sure [...]

Last Man Standing celebrated Halloween early this week in "Bride of Prankenstein," making sure every member of the Baxter family was the victim of pranks. This included Mike (Tim Allen), who was pranked into admitting to Chuck Larabee (Jonathan Adams) was his best friend.

In the episode, Mike told Vanessa (Nancy Travis) he was going to spend Halloween at Outdoor Man, since he wanted to test out a new security system with Chuck's help. When they get there, they learn that Joe (Jay Leno) is there too, because he hates spending time with his family. The trio of friends each to prank one another, but it ended with Joe and Mike pranking Chuck.

Chuck was disappointed with the last prank, where Joe pretended to faint and needed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Once Chuck went to help him, Joe suddenly broke out into laughter. Chuck left the store in disgust.

Later on, Mike went to Chuck's house to tell his friend he was "sucking all the joy out of Halloween." This did not make Chuck feel any better of course and Mike tried to tone it down.

"You were willing to make me think I killed a man," Chuck said.

"Not killed... massive heart attack!" Mike replied.

"That's a huge thing to lay on a person," Chuck said.

Mike defended himself, only by telling Chuck he was being too sensitive. Chuck guessed he would just have to take it because Mike is his boss. "Call HR," Mike replied.

Mike insisted Chuck is more than just an employee because they hang out together outside work. This left a big door open and Chuck was not going to let the opportunity be missed. He had a chance to get Mike to admit they are friends who "like" each other.

"You... shouldn't put words in my mouth," Mike said.

Chuck insisted Mike could not leave until he admitted they were friends who like each other. At first, Mike admitted they were "friendly," but this was not enough.

"All right, we're friends. Can I leave now?" Mike asked.

"What level of friends are we?" Chuck asked.

Mike said he would admit they are good friends, but Chuck could not tell anyone at work about this or he would kick him in his "Barry Whites."

"You're one of my best friends," Mike finally said, as if he was having his teeth pulled.

After shaking hands, Vanessa suddenly showed up to reveal it was all a prank to get Mike to admit to Chuck that he is one of his best friends. After all, Mike hates nothing more than having to show an ounce of human emotion.

Rather than take the loss, Mike tried to convince everyone that there was another prank around the corner. "Tell her Chuck," Mike told a confused Chuck.

In the end, Mike did admit that Vanessa got him good and threatened to prank her next year. However, Vanessa said she was all done with pranks. We will have to wait until the next Halloween episode to see if that happens.

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