'King of the Hill' Co-Creator Greg Daniels Dishes on Revival Plans

It's been almost 10 years since King of the Hill aired its series finale. However, in the era of [...]

It's been almost 10 years since King of the Hill aired its series finale. However, in the era of TV reboots and revivals, it's possible the animated series could make a comeback. At least, that's what co-creator Greg Daniels recently told PopCulture.com's sister site, ComicBook.com.

"Well, [co-creator Mike Judge] and I got together a couple of years ago, and came up with a reboot for King of the Hill," Daniels explained. "At the time, I think that Fox didn't want to go ahead with this, at the level that it probably deserved. We thought that they would be excited to just order it. At the moment, there is no plan for it. The studio was sold to Disney now, I guess, so it would be a Disney show, I think, in the future. But we do have a plan for it and it's pretty funny. So maybe one day."

"I mean, that was a wonderful show to work on," Daniels added. "Yeah, that would be a super fun reboot. I feel like that is easier to reboot because you can get all the characters and they all look the same."

The animated series first debuted on Fox back in 1997 and was part of the network's Sunday night animation lineup, which was anchored by The Simpsons. It followed the adventures of Hank Hill, a run-of-the-mill family man whose personality consisted of living in small-town Texas and making his living selling propane (and propane accessories). It ran for 13 seasons and racked up a few Emmy nominations for Outstanding Animated Series a few times along the way.

There had previously been word of a possible return for King of the Kill discussed back in 2017. That summer, Dana Walden, who was the Fox Television Group chairman and CEO at the time, said at the TCA tour that she'd spoken with both Daniels and Judge and were in "preliminary conversations" about the reboot. Which could be what Daniels is referring to in regards to those prior meetings.

Of course, in the years that followed, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, so any King of the Hill project moving forward would be a Disney production, by default. In the meantime, Judge had a little fun with the show's most iconic image, reimagining it for our new era of social distancing.

All 13 seasons of King of the Hill are currently available to stream on Hulu.