Ken Jennings Asks 'Jeopardy!' Fans for Support

Ken Jennings needs a little bit of help from Jeopardy fans. On Twitter, he asked fans of the quiz show to weigh in on a poll in which Jeopardy is facing off against another beloved series, Wheel of Fortune. But, fans will have to act fast, as the first round of voting is set to come to an end incredibly soon. 

On Thursday afternoon, Jennings shared a message for all of Jeopardy's "die-hards." He then directed them to PlutoTV's Battle of the Fandoms Twitter poll/tournament for 2023. For the tournament's first round, Jeopardy is up against Wheel of Fortune. At the moment, Jeopardy is in a significant lead. But, Jennings doesn't want fans to take that for granted. The Jeopardy host said that Wheel of Fortune is "trying to pull the upset here and we can't let that happen." Will Jeopardy fans be able to push the show through to the second round by Friday?

Jennings currently serves as Jeopardy's host. Ever since Alex Trebek's passing, there has been much talk about Jeopardy's next permanent host. Alas, Jennings and Mayim Bialik have both been at the helm throughout the current season. But, there is a strong contingent of fans who believe that Jennings should be the only host of the program. During an interview with Vulture, published in October 2022, he addressed whether he was hoping to be Jeopardy's sole host. 

"At the time, the idea that the hosting position could be split between multiple people didn't occur to me, although now it seems pretty natural. Mayim and I have been splitting the job and the producers are talking about other possible spinoffs with other possible hosts," Jennings explained. "During that guest-host carousel, we learned that it's an extremely hard job on a technical level. Alex had mastered it, so he made it look easy for viewers and staff alike. It wasn't until it became a public internet horse-race of people rooting for favorites that we saw that, actually, it's a hard job. Because I had played almost a hundred games on that set, I had a leg up coming in. I feel like I understand the gameplay part of the show as well as anyone."

Jennings went on to say that while it wasn't his decision to split up the hosting job, he does believe that it's a practical one. He even said, "I wish we had some unifying Alex Trebek type that everyone agreed was perfect for the job, but in his absence, it's going to take two of us to do his job."