Kelsey Grammer Explores 'Frasier' Reboot at CBS

Fans of the iconic sitcom Frasier just may be in for real surprise, as Kelsey Grammer is reportedly exploring the possibility of a series reboot with CBS.

According to Deadline, Grammer is currently taking meetings with writers who are pitching concepts for how the story would pick up.

Rather than be a revival where the show picks up somewhere it left off and includes much of the original cast, the potential new series would be more of a reboot with Grammer's character being in a whole new setting.

Coincidentally, writers and producers likely wouldn't have to work too hard to make the idea fit in line with the original series, considering it ended with Frasier Crane moving from Seattle to Chicago in order to be with a love interest that was played by Laura Linney.

No official plans have been made regarding the Frasier reboot, however, as it is considered to be in an "exploratory" phase at this time.

Frasier first aired in 1993 as a spinoff of the classic sitcom Cheers. The show went on to air 264 episodes over the course of 11 seasons, eventually taking its final bow in 2004.

Since the show ended, Grammer has appeared in numerous other TV series, such as Back to You, Hank, Boss and Partners.

Most recently, he turned up alongside White Collar star Matt Bomer in The Last Tycoon, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's posthumously released book.

The show is an Amazon Prime original series, which BGR reports was likely a big reason why Grammer signed on in the first place.

"(Amazon) is paying actors. That's a nice thing. It's always good to know there's somebody out there willing to pay actors to do their job," he said, complimenting the company on their approach to film production. "I do think it's great that entertainment has found its way to this place where so many seem to be satisfied with it. Or at least, they watch. They're watching, and that's the great thing."

The outlet also cited additional comments Grammer made regarding the show, wherein he explained what he believes is most alluring about it.


"I think the look here will pull some people in, and the nostalgic vibe about how beautiful Old Hollywood was, and the glamour of it," the actor said. "I do believe there's a lot of appeal in that. Once they get past that, they're going to want some meat and potatoes, and I think we've got plenty for them."

While the Frasier reboot may still be months or even years away, fans can relive all the laughs of the original series on Netflix.