Kelly Ripa Reveals She's Wearing Hair Clips to Hide Her Gray Roots During Quarantine

When Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host Kelly Ripa began her quarantine during the coronavirus last month, she was showing off her gray roots. Several weeks later though, Ripa is now wearing hair clips to hide the roots. During Thursday's episode of the talk show, which Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been hosting remotely from their homes, she showed off the clips she has been wearing around her house.

At the start of the show, Ripa still had her clips on, since she forgot to take them off for the camera. "I'm just a girl trying to put on a TV show through the computer!" Ripa joked, reports PEOPLE. "Gray hair has a different texture," she went on to explain. "Anyone with gray hair can tell you, it's very wired. It tends to stand up."

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Ripa said the clips have helped her tame the rough grey hair. "These little clips, and you can see I've sprayed them brown too, these little clips really like, hold the gray," Ripa said. A confused Seacrest admitted he could not notice the gray. "That's good. That's excellent. It's all part of my sinister plan to fool you," Ripa joked.

Ripa, 49, has been documenting her hair slowly turning gray as she cannot get it colored due to social distancing guidelines, which have left salons across the country closed. On Monday, she shared an up close photo of her roots on Instagram, adding "#rootwatch week 8." During Live's May 7 episode, Ripa revealed that she "desperately" needs a haircut.

"I need a haircut desperately," the former All My Children star, who was wearing her hair back in a ponytail that day, told Seacrest. "I've been trimming it myself with kitchen scissors but I really want to lop it off. I want to give myself a bob, but the scissors are just too dull. It's too risky, it's just too risky."


Ripa has shared some at-home beauty secrets with fans, revealing how the Consuelos family has learned to keep their hair in top shape without going out. During a segment on cutting men's hair at home, she enlisted oldest son Michael Consuelos, whose hair was cut using kitchen scissors. Daughter Lola Consuelos also learned how to work on her mother's hair using a TikTok tutorial.

On Thursday, Ripa said husband Mark Consuelos allowed her to finally cut his hair. "I cut Mark's hair. I cut it. I think I did a great job, I really do. I think I did a great job, if I do say so myself," she said. "First I was trying to film it and then I was trying to take a picture and he was like, 'This haircut is not for your social media.' And I said, 'At this point, everything is for my social media. Everything is content now.'"