Kelly Ripa's 'Live' Defeating Former Co-Host Michael Strahan's 'Good Morning America' Ratings

Live With Kelly and Ryan is reportedly beating out Good Morning America in the ratings, even after [...]

Live With Kelly and Ryan is reportedly beating out Good Morning America in the ratings, even after Kelly Ripa was furious with Michael Strahan for switching shows.

Ripa called out Strahan publicly when he abandoned Live With Kelly and Michael — a show that was ultimately re-branded as Live With Kelly and Ryan. According to a new report by Fox News, Ripa might not have had so much cause for despair. After nearly two months on the air, GMA Day is falling far behind Live in Nielsen ratings.

Live With Kelly and Ryan is riding high with 2.85 million total viewers on average. In that same time period, GMA Day with Strahan reportedly drew in 1.76 million average viewers in total. Perhaps most ironically of all, GMA Day is falling short of The Chew — the daytime cooking show that was canceled to make room for it.

The Chew suffered from the loss of celebrity chef Mario Batali earlier this year when he faced multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment. Shortly after that the show was canceled entirely, making way for another hour of Good Morning America. At the time, The Chew was reportedly averaging 2.25 million viewers — numbers that GMA Day would be ecstatic over now.

Sources told Fox News that Strahan is not concerned with the ratings at all. The former NFL player feels optimistic about the show, and believes that the ratings will rise in time.

"Michael is having a great time working at GMA and GMA Day," they said. "He isn't worried at all. He recognizes that GMA Day is a new show, and sometimes it takes a minute to get it going. He loves working with Sara and the new team and is very happy being there."

They added the The Chew had a similarly slow start when it began on ABC.

Ripa went so far as to "go on strike" from Live back in 2016 when Strahan first left. According to a report by New York Post at the time, she was furious that ABC network executives and producers did not consult her about the staffing change beforehand. In protest, she was absent from Live on the day that Strahan announced his departure in April 2016.

"The plan was for there to be more time between telling Kelly and the announcement," a source told Page Six at the time. "But the story leaked, the time line got crunched."