Kelly Ripa's Husband Mark Consuelos Fills in for Her 'Live' Co-Host Ryan Seacrest Amid Illness

Mark Consuelos filled in on Live with Kelly and Ryan again on Tuesday, as Ryan Seacrest is still still.

Kelly Ripa posted a clip of herself in the car with Consuelos on Tuesday on the way to shoot the show. Her husband took over for Seacrest while he was out recovering, but Ripa seemed to feel that it was not the same.

"Technically, you're my side-piece," she told Consuelos in the clip.

Ripa pouted her lower lip for Seacrest, who apparently has a sore throat. In the meantime, Consuelos is a welcome substitute as far as fans are concerned. Many responded to the tweet saying how much they love watching Ripa and Consuelos' dynamic on-screen.

"Love love love when Mark is on!" one fan wrote. "Drew Barrymore is so right! You guys are inspirational but better yet, you make my face hurt smiling and my heart light and ready for a great day!!!!"

"Am I the only one NOT missing Ryan Seacrest? Mark Consuelos has MUCH better energy with Kelly. Yes I realize they're married, but he's just so charming and he's the perfect balance to her giddy," added another with a shrugging emoji.

Consuelos joined the show on Monday, where he and Ripa talked about their home life and their family. One clip, with Consuelos telling the story of teaching their son how to drive, has already gone viral.

"We go for our first drive together," he remembers with a heavy sigh. "We pull over, and I tell him, I say: 'Michael, you cannot go 35 in a parking garage, and 25 on a highway. No.' I literally pulled over and did the pace around the car."

The audience laughed, and afterward Ripa shared her more relaxing experience of driving with her son.

"The first time he got behind the wheel with me after the licence, he looked at me and said: 'You don't even yell ... Dad yells the whole time with me.'"

"I felt really bad, but he survived! He survived."


While Seacrest does his best to recover, he has been active on social media promoting his other show, American Idol. The talk show host is emceeing the new season as usual, and he has gotten very excited for this year's top 20 contestants.

Live with Kelly and Ryan airs on weekdays at 9 a.m. ET on CBS. American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.