'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' Viewers Blown Away by Brandon Victor Dixon's Performance as Judas

NBC's broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live featured a star-studded cast on Sunday with John Legend as Jesus, Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene and Alice Cooper as King Herod. But according to social media, the man who unquestionably stole the show was Broadway actor Brandon Victor Dixon as Judas.

Dixon's character ran the gambit throughout the musical, arguing early on with Christ, then betraying him by handing him over to the Pharisees, only to then regret his decision and hang himself and finally come back as an angelic figure for the final song.

By the time the credits rolled, fans at home were hoping he'd get some kind of award for his performance.

"The signature song and [Brandon Dixon] knocks it into the stratosphere!" one user tweeted.

"For a dead guy, Judas has got some moves," another wrote.

"Congratulations to Brandon Victor Dixon on your EGOT for Jesus Christ Superstar Live," wrote another user.

"Give Brandon Victor Dixon all the awards. ALL," enthused another.


"Alright Brandon Victor Dixon... you're gettin' it now! Making me cry!!! Unbelievable acting and singing here..." wrote another.

"Brandon Victor Dixon brings the acting required of Shakespeare to musicals and it is something to behold," another user added.