'Jersey Shore' Reunion Reportedly Filming

While it's been speculated about for a while now, it seems that the cast of The Jersey Shore is currently filming a reunion project.

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The cast was spotted hanging out at the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk earlier this month. They were said to be eating and playing games while a camera crew followed them around.

According to Hollywood Life, Toby Wolf, the director of marketing for Jenkinson's Boardwalk, was quoted as saying, "They were here for a couple hours and had dinner and played boardwalk games."

It's not entirely clear which cast members were present, but Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley were definitely there.

Wolf claims that the cast had a "low key dinner" at Jenkinson's Pavilion Restaurant.

Reportedly, they initially wanted to eat at the Langcosta Lounge in Ashbury Park, but that wasn't an option.

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Peter Mantas, the restaurant's entertainment director, said, "They called 10 days before they wanted to film and we said no freaking way, it'll be bad publicity."

He continued, "Bring those meatheads to the Langosta Lounge? No way."

The crew was also reportedly denied clearance to film at Seaside Heights, the gang's old stomping grounds.

Ashbury Park, luckily, was more than happy to have the Jersey Shore cast hang out.

"We did not know they were coming as they applied under Roadtrip Reunion," said John Moor, Asbury Park Mayor. "They paid their fees and everything worked out fine."


At this time, it's not clear if the filming will be for a reunion series, special, or just some one-off project, but, hopefully, more information will become available soon.