'Jeopardy!' Lambasted for Forgetting Major Rock Band in Recent Category

Jeopardy! is always rubbing some folks the wrong way when it comes to some of the clues and answers contestants encounter. Seek out a fanbase and you can likely find some outraged souls who have been burned by the quiz show.

Recently, that group belonged to the music world and they were livid that their favorite wasn't represented in a special category. And to be fair, it is an odd omission to leave Jethro Tull out of the category of "Classic Flute Rock."

None of the questions in that category dealt with Jethro Tull or frontman Ian Anderson, best known for his flute antics on stage. "No Jethro Tull in the Flute Rock category?? Are you crazy or just ill-informed??" one fan unloaded on social media. "Seems blasphemous to have a 'flute rock' category without a Jethro Tull question/answer," another added.

And as The New York Post shares, Ian Anderson is the only rocker many could have named in the category, which may lead to why he wasn't featured. There are plenty of options to pull from, though, even if Tull is tossed to the side like a pile of garbage.

Genesis under Peter Gabriel enjoyed a flute from time to time, Marshall Tucker Band used the flute to great effect on "Heard It in A Love Song," "Can't You See" and pretty much their entire discography. The Troggs even have a flute on their classic "Wild Thing." The Moody Blues, Donovan, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Heart, The Mamas & the Papas, and even Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting" utilize a flute. The last one is a stretch but needed to be mentioned.

According to the Post, there was also some strangeness with a clue about Gene Kelly that nobody got despite it featuring a picture of Gene Kelly. Not a lot of Xanadu fans on Jeopardy! it seems. They also note that sometimes host Ken Jennings cursed on the air after giving away an answer to the contestants. He's got a ways to go to catch up with Alex Trebek in both categories. He'd also have been upset that Jethro Tull was ignored.