'Jeopardy!': Ken Jennings' Net Worth Revealed as He Serves as Alex Trebek's Interim Replacement

Ken Jennings took his first step to becoming the full-time Jeopardy! host on Monday. The all-time winningest contestant on the show filmed six weeks' worth of episodes as the first of a string of guest hosts set to fill in in place of Alex Trebek following his death in November. With Jennings back in prime time, along with his other new show, The Chase, many viewers are wondering what exactly his net worth is after all of his victories on Jeopardy!

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jennings is valued at $4 million. During his 74-game win streak in his Jeopardy! debut, Jennings collected $3,370,700 in winnings. He added another $1 million after defeating James Holzhauer and Brad Ruter during the Greatest of All-Time tournament in January 2020. He also appeared on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and Grand Slam, two shows that added close to $600,000 in winnings to his name.

Aside from his game show winnings, Jennings maintained his job as a programmer for the extent of his run on Jeopardy! before eventually switching over to become a full-time freelance writer. Jennings' first published "Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs." He has several other books to his name including a series of children's books. He has said in interviews before that he hasn't spent much of his winnings on material items, instead of investing it in stocks and real estate.

If Jennings were to eventually take over as the full-time host of Jeopardy! his net worth would surely see a major spike. Until then, his $4 million evaluation is nothing too short of impressive. Along with Jennings, a few other notable names have emerged as potential replacements for Trebek. This list includes Katie Couric, who will also serve as a guest host, along with rumored interested candidates such as Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos. The network nor Sony have not revealed any timeline for announcing the new host.


In his debut as a guest host on Monday, Jennings garnered a ton of support from viewers who felt he stepped in admirably and seamlessly. On his Twitter, he shared that he took the stage for his first week holding a ticket he was given from a friend from Trebek's first show as host. If his first performance was any indication, ABC executives may be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows the game more and has the necessary banter than Jennings does.