'Jeopardy!' Fans Are Shocked Contestants Didn't Recognize Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

Jeopardy! fans were shocked during a recent episode of the hit game show, when contestants seemed to not recognize Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers from the new film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. In a viral clip from the show, a video clue featuring Hanks as Rogers is shown and the contestants are asked to identify the actor. However, none of them chimed in until it was too late. Fans of the show could not believe what they'd seen, and many took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

"I know you're all dying for more Jeopardy content, but today none of the contestants knew that Tom Hanks was starring in the upcoming Mr. Rogers movie, and THERE WAS A PICTURE," one person tweeted.

"A Jeopardy! clue asked who was playing Mr. Rogers in the new biopic, and even had a photo of the star. Not one of the three contestants recognized Tom Hanks," another user commented.

"That just means his transformation to Mr. Rogers was so great that the contestants couldn't recognize him - take it as a compliment," someone else said, offering a different point of view.

"On Monday THREE contestants on Jeopardy failed to recognize a picture of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers and wtf how is that possible. Like, they didn't recognize TOM HANKS. I was so shook, as the kids say, I haven't been able to mention it on Twitter until today," one other viewer commented.


Notably, the producers of Jeopardy! have taken responsibility for the situation, as they say a set error caused the circumstance to appear as something it wasn't.

"A note about Monday's show: an audio issue with one of the clues erroneously left the impression that our contestants could not recognize the highly recognizable Tom Hanks. We apologize for the misunderstanding," a statement from the show read.