'Jeopardy' Contestant Proposes to Girlfriend in Middle of Show

Jeopardy! has had a number of iconic moments throughout the years, and this new clip of a [...]

Jeopardy! has had a number of iconic moments throughout the years, and this new clip of a contestant proposing to girlfriend in the middle of the show is one of the best.

As reported by PEOPLE, contestant Michael Pascuzzi placed second in a recent episode of the quiz show, but stole the spotlight anyway.

"I just wanted to say one quick thing, and ask Maria Shafer right there. If she would make me a winner today and marry me. Will you marry me?" he asked as the cameras panned over to his partner Maria Shaferr, who replied, "Yes of course!"

"I was about to say we'll have the answer to that question right after this commercial break," Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek then quipped. "That would be… what is yes?" Shafer then quickly joked, mimicking Jeopardy's required answering style.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Pascuzzi only just "came up with the idea in the green room." Although, he did admit that he "had been mulling it" over and "was going to do it this year."

He went on to reveal that the other two contestants encouraged him to do it, as well as Trebek. "He could have shot it down. He was in on it," Pascuzzi shared, later saying that he would love for the host to be the one to perform their wedding ceremony.

"It's a joke I keep putting out there," Pascuzzi said. "I don't know if he'd be game." The runner-up later went on to tweet the show and reiterate his interest in having Trebek marry him and his future bride.

"Thank you so much [Jeopardy!] Alex and crew! I'm the happiest guy tonight and it will be a great memory Maria and I will share forever," he tweeted, adding, "Also... Alex...are you available to officiate?"

A number of Jeopardy! fans who saw the moment live have taken to social media to congratulate Pascuzzi and Shaferr on their engagement, with one fan tweeting, "Hey Michael. CONGRATULATIONS to you and ur fiancee!! Hope you have a long and Happy Marriage!!"

At this time, the couple does not appear to have announced a wedding date but it's likely that if Trebek would agree to officiate they would be happy to work around his schedule.