Jennifer Aniston Rocks 'Friends' Hat Revealing Her Stance on Ross and Rachel's 'Break'

Jennifer Aniston is reigniting a classic debate among Friends fans in support of a good cause. On Monday, Aniston posted a selfie on Instagram in which she was wearing a hat that read: "we were SO not on a break!" It's a part of a new line of Friends merchandise that fans can pick up in support of various charity organizations.

"Excited to show you guys some pieces from the first-ever Friends merch collection," Aniston wrote alongside the post. "Half of my proceeds from this limited drop will benefit AmeriCares, an organization I love... Which is working to provide relief, mental health care, and medical aid to communities and individuals affected by COVID-19." Aniston also included a video where she panned over shirts, sweaters, hats, mugs and other items with Friends-themed designs.

The merchandise featured some iconic Friends quotes and minimalist art depicting memorable moments from the show. Many fans commented to say which items they were most excited to buy, but some also weighed in on the decades-old debate about Ross and Rachel's "break" in Friends Season 3.

"Yess your absolute brand not on a BREAK!" one fan wrote with a champagne glass emoji. Another added: "this is what dreams are made of."

For those that don't recall, Aniston's character Rachel Greene and David Schwimmer's character Ross had a fan-favorite romance in the first two seasons of Friends, but early in Season 3 their relationship came under strain when Rachel began spending more time and energy on her new job at Bloomingdale's. Frustrated, Rachel proposed they go on "a break," and Ross left without saying anything. Hours later he slept with another character, but he defended himself by saying that this was not technically cheating since they were "on a break."

Schwimmer's portrayal of Ross as pedantic, petulant and perpetually harried is really what made this line so iconic. It came back time and time again in the seasons that followed, although really Ross and Rachel's romance remained dormant for most of the series.

In the show, Rachel could never forgive Ross for the indiscretion, though surprisingly it sounds like Aniston could have. During the Friends reunion on HBO Max earlier this year, Aniston said "absolutely, yes" the characters were on a break.


Still, that's not going to stop Aniston from modeling a catchy hat for a good cause. Friends and the Friends reunion special are both streaming now on HBO Max. The merchandise in Aniston's Instagram post is available here.