Jenna Fischer Responds to Chrissy Teigen's Jim and Pam Theory After Social Media up in Arms Over Divorce Speculation

This month marked 10 years since Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley got married on The Office, providing fans of the beloved NBC sitcom with a reason to celebrate. However, Chrissy Teigen decided to rain on everyone's parade by theorizing that Jim and Pam are now divorced. Jenna Fischer, who played Pam, doesn't buy that.

"[They're] together!" Fischer said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday when asked about Teigen's theory. "They are together."

Back on Oct. 13, Teigen shared a poll, asking her followers if they thought Jim and Pam were still together, separated, divorced or have an open marriage. After receiving more than 235,000 votes, "still together" won with 70 percent of the vote.

Teigen did not exactly celebrate this result. In fact, she shared her highly detailed theory of where Jim and Pam are today.

"I think they're together but Philly Jim likes a taste of the high life and bottle service with athletes and Pam still can't figure out her phone so he never has to answer FaceTimes and he never gets caught," Teigen wrote. "Pam is unhappy but content with their income and children so she's like whatever and draws things for Etsy like cozy home signs (wait is this me)."

She later said the two never went to Austin. As Office fans know, Jim and Pam decided to leave Scranton, Pennsylvania to move to Austin, Texas so Jim can rejoin Athleap in the series finale.

"Actually you know what? Phyllis and Bob are def still together. Dwight and Angela still together. Michael and Holly definitely together. Mathematically (i got a C+) SOMEONE here has to be divorced. It's Jim and Pam," Teigen wrote.

Fischer is not the only former Office star confident their romance survived. Angela Kinsey told Us Weekly she is sure Angela Martin and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) are still together.

"I'll tell you where I like to think of them. I like to think of them on their farm, and maybe they're running a really crappy bed and breakfast," Kinsey said. "Mose is like in charge of the valet and it's horrible. It's like a really uncomfortable Fawlty Towers."

Jim and Pam's relationship was at the center of The Office, and they finally got married in the Season 6 episode "Niagara."

"I'm really proud that we created this healthy version of a relationship and didn't wait until the last episode to see them get together. There's no cheating, there's no crazy weird breakups and makeups," Fischer told Entertainment Weekly earlier this month. "They just gently weather the storm."

"Their relationship was the best example of what could happen when you go to work every day," Mindy Kaling, who co-wrote "Niagara" with Greg Daniels, added. "Even if it's a job that you don't like, you could find the love of your life there."

All episodes of The Office are still on Netflix, although they will be leaving in 2021, when NBCUniversal launches its own streaming service Peacock.


Photo credit: Byron Cohen/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images