How 'Law & Order: SVU' Sets up Kelli Giddish's Exit From Series

Law & Order: SVU fans are getting a sneak peek into how Det. Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) may be exiting her gig. She'll seemingly accept a job as a teacher. In the episode titled "A Better Person," Rollins walks into her boyfriend ADA Sonny Carisi's (Peter Scanavino) office to find him opening a bottle of champagne in the middle of the day. But instead of celebrating a big break in a case, he tells her it's for something else. "We are celebrating," he explains. "You blew those kids at Fordham away, and my old college roommate was impressed." They now want to offer Rollins a teaching position. But she's far from excited.

"I'm not a teacher," Rollins protests. But Carisi notes her experience in forensic psychology, and after getting shot, she's been hinting that she needs a change. She quickly reminds him, "I didn't mean leaving SVU." He urges her that instead of an immediate no, to think about it for some time, which she agrees. This comes amid longtime fans of the show trying to picture how she'd be phased out of the show. Her exit announcement came with much backlash. Even co-stars rallied to have her stay on. But the decision came from network executives. 

With just one episode left to wrap up Rollins' storyline, fans remain on the edge of their seats. The promo for the next episode is all about Rollins' farewell, including a glimpse at her introduction to the squad and Benson and her reluctance to tell the captain she's leaving. There's also a sneak peek into Rollins and Carisi's wedding! 

Giddish has been in the role since 2013. In an Instagram post in Aug. 2022, she confirmed her exit. "I wanted to address the chatter I've seen online and let everyone know that this will, indeed, be my last season on Law & Order: SVU. Playing Rollins has been one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life. I've been so fortunate to be a part of the Law & Order family for the last 12 years. There is simply no other character on TV like Rollins. She's grown and changed, and I have as well. I started on this show when I was in my late 20s, and I'm grateful I got to spend so many of my adult years with Rollins in my life," she said in the statement.