'Hannah Montana' Not Coming to Netflix, Despite Rumors

Hannah Montana, the Disney Channel series that made Miley Cyrus a star, is not coming to Netflix.

Back on Oct. 18, a Twitter user declared that Hannah Montana was coming to Netflix before the end of the year. The tweet has over 21,000 retweets and more than 105,000 likes.

"Hannah Montana is coming to Netflix and that’s been the highlight of 2018 if that tells you anything about my year," the user wrote.

Someone asked if she was serious, and her response was that she "read that it was coming to Netflix so FINGERS CROSSED."

It is not clear where this person read it, but Hannah Montana is not going to be available on Natflix any time soon. As Monsters and Critics points out, the show has not been on Netflix since 2015.

Netflix does have a title page for Hannah Montana: The Movie, but it is just a placeholder and not available to stream. The movie is also available to stream in Mexico, where you can also stream the series. Viewers in Argentina and Brazil can also stream the series.

There are still some Cyrus-related programs available to stream on Netflix though. She appears in the 2015 Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas. Her 2012 movie, So Undercover, and the 2008 Disney animated film Bolt are also available to stream.

As of now, Hannah Montana is only available to stream on the DisneyNow TV app, which is only accessible if you have a cable or satellite subscription.

Disney also has plans to launch its own streaming service in the future to rival Netflix. The company is already developing a Star Wars series for the platform, but it is not clear how much archival content will be available.

Hannah Montana ran four seasons on the Disney Channel, from 2006 to 2011. Cyrus starred as Miley Stewart, a teenager who was a regular high schooler by day and pop star Hannah Montana by night. Her real-life father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, co-starred as Miley Stewart's father. The show launched a franchise that included albums and a 2009 feature film. Disney also released all four seasons on DVD.

Although Cyrus, 25, left behind the squeaky-clean image Disney curated for her years ago, she is still frequently asked about a reboot. In an interview last year, Cyrus said she would not do it because it would require her to spend more time with her father.

"It’s a lot of time to be spent with my dad. You know, my dad was my dad on the show. I have enough dad time," she told The Zach Sang Show.


“That was really hard every day from, like, [ages] 11 to 18. I didn’t get a school escape like most people," Cyrus explained at the time. "I went to work with my dad. And then I started driving my dad toward the end, when I could start driving. And then my grandma went with me every day. It was a lot of time with dad and grandma.”

Photo credit: Todd Plitt/Getty Images