'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Gets Netflix Release Date

Grey's Anatomy fans will have an exciting arrival coming to Netflix next month.

The ABC medical drama's record-breaking 15th season will be made available to stream sooner than expected, arriving on the streaming platform on Saturday, June 15.

Season 15 saw a major shift in tone for the show, as showrunner Krista Vernoff brought more comedy and romance storylines to the show that had not been seen for several years.

Officially labeled as Grey's Anatomy's "Season of Love," the show finally saw Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) open herself up to love for the first time since the death of her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

From soliciting the services of a modern-day matchmaker, hilarious blind dates and getting stuck in elevators with attractive familiar faces, Meredith's journey to finding love again put a smile — and inspired conversations — among fans throughout the season's ABC run.

Season 15 also marked a special occasion for the series as it officially surpassed ER as the longest medical drama on television with the season's 15th episode.

The show made frequent nods to its beloved legacy throughout the season, including came appearances by some beloved departed characters in a Dia de Los Muertos-inspired episode, the return of Meredith's father Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry) as well as members of Derek and Amelia Shepherd's (Caterina Scorsone) family in special episodes fans will want to relive.

Grey's Anatomy's latest season also gained recognition from critics after airing an episode centered around subjects of consent and sexual assault. Season 15, Episode 19, titled "Silent All These Years" featured Jo (Camilla Luddington) treating a victim of sexual assault and featured one of the first portrayals of how doctors administer rape kits on broadcast television.

Vernoff later revealed to press that the netter's Standards and Practices department initially objected to the scene being included in the episode, but creator Shonda Rhimes rejected the notes.

"We received notes initially from ABC's Broadcast Standards and Practices," Vernoff explained. "They give these standard notes: 'don't be too gory'; 'don't be too explicit in your language'; 'no side boob.' But the ones we got on this script included, 'Please don't show any fluid on the Q-tips' and 'Please don't show any body fluids under the blue lights.'"


Rhimes responded with a passionate note about how networks constantly work to show actual violence but had an issue with displaying the medical process that takes place after a person experiences violence, disagreeing with their objections. The executives eventually backed down and let the episode air as was written.

Excited to relive or watch Season 15 for the first time? The latest season of Grey's Anatomy will be available on Netflix June 15. The series will return for Season 16 this fall on ABC and has already been renewed for Season 17.