'Grey's Anatomy' Brings Back Sarah Utterback as Nurse Olivia

Grey's Anatomy is bringing back a character we haven't seen in a while.

Sarah Utterback will reportedly reprise her role of Nurse Olivia in the April 26 episode of the long running ABC medical drama.

Olivia was a nurse at Seattle Grace during the show's first six seasons, Entertainment Weekly reports, but was laid off as the hospital was set to merge with Mercy West Hospital during season six. She was the nurse who slept with George (T.R. Knight), giving him syphilis after she contracted it after hooking up with Alex (Justin Chambers).

Olivia will be stepping into Grey Sloan Memorial with her son and throwing Alex and his new fiancee Jo (Camilla Luddington) for a loop.

(Photo: ABC)

Nurse Olivia is one in a slew of former characters who have popped up during the current fourteenth season.

Kim Raver reprised her role early in season 14 to help Owen (Kevin McKidd) treat his long-lost sister.

When she returned, Teddy and Owen had several flirtatious moments but neither of them felt comfortable acting on their feelings since Owen was married and Teddy was involved with someone back in Germany, where she moved after leaving the hospital at the end of season 8.

Teddy returned during Thursday's new episode after Owen flies to Germany to confess his love for her, after Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) told him to do it.

When Raver and her character were first introduced on the medical drama, Teddy was a teacher to Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang, as well as an old military friend of Owen's. The three characters were involved in a complex love triangle until Owen and Cristina got married.

Dr. Altman then married a patient in the hospital named Henry (Scott Foley) to help him pay his medical bills with her insurance, but eventually falls in love with him. Henry died tragically on Cristina's surgical table in the season 8 mid-season finale.

Teddy left the hospital after then-chief Owen fired her, so she would take a job in Germany with the army, following husband Henry's death.


The season also saw the return of Justin Bruening as April's (Sarah Drew) ex-fiance Matthew Taylor. He showed up to the ER with his wife giving birth and she died after complications from child birth, which started the crisis of faith storyline for April.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.