'Grey's Anatomy': Meredith and DeLuca Hookup Mystery Addressed in Season Premiere

Grey's Anatomy started its season 15 premiere with Meredith Grey in bed with Andrew DeLuca, but the scene that had people talking when the trailer for the episode first released had a hilarious twist.

As many fans of the series speculated when a flash of the scene aired in the promo, Meredith was indeed having a sex dream about her co-worker after the two kissed at Alex and Jo's wedding, and the dream did not stop there.

"Wait, DeLuca... what are you doing here?" She asks, interrupting a pretty long takeout session.

"Whatever you want me to Dr. Grey," the pair resume their hookup, but Meredith is jolted awake and finds herself alone in her bed, until her bathroom door opens.

Dr. Jackson Avery appears in a bathrobe, and she feels guilty at first since he's dating her sister Maggie Pierce, but he says that she's dreaming so it doesn't count. Before he gets in the bed with her, she wakes up once more.

Now, she finds herself in bed, with Dr. Koracek (Greg Germann) sitting in a chair next to her like a sort-of therapist and he judges her for her dreams.

Finally, she wakes up one final time, and it seems as though she may finally be awake, as Zola comes in the room and announces she accidentally made a mess on her brother Bailey and sister Ellis, signaling she's back in her normal life.

"Ugh, thank God," Meredith says as she gets out bed and starts her day.

The opening sequence clears up speculation that Meredith and DeLuca might be starting a romantic relationship, though we know for sure that there will be some major flirting and love coming to our lead doctor's life during season 15, from both new characters and old ones we've met before.

"The premiere is incredible," series star Giacomo Giannioti told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the premiere. "We're packing so much storytelling in it. We're catching up the fans to what's happened. We're coming right back the day after [Jo and Alex's] wedding, so it's just going to be an exciting season. We've got a lot of amazing guest actors coming on this season, new cast members [Chris Carmack and Alex Landi] joining us. We really are stacking the cast to make an incredible season for the fans."


Whether Meredith's newfound love life leads to a relationship with a co-worker remains to be scene, but we are happy she is finally ready to move on.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.