'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Share Mixed Feelings on Alex Karev's New Job

Grey's Anatomy showed the hospital adjusting to Alex Karev's new role as interim chief of surgery, [...]

Grey's Anatomy showed the hospital adjusting to Alex Karev's new role as interim chief of surgery, with fans both complimenting and dreading the doctor in the leadership position.

Thursday's all-new episode found Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) arriving at the hospital and finding that someone had taken her parking spot reserved for the Chief — and Alex getting out of the car serving as a not-too gentle reminder that she had given up power.

As the Alex walked into the hospital, he was immediately bombarded by Link (Chris Carmack) wanting hospital funds to finance his research on building prosthetics for children that look similar to superhero arms. Without much thought, and with some help from Koracek, Alex agreed to fund the project.

Koracek is surprised at his leadership level and suggests that Bailey may have just picked Alex so that the hospital misses her while she's gone.

The comment gets into Alex's head and he and Bailey have a conversation about it as he settles in the Chief's office.

"Are you nervous?" Bailey asks.

"No, it's just... you hired me because I'm good, not because I make you look good right?"

"Karev, I have trained you. I have entrusted to you my patients, my doctors and my staff because I believe in your abilities, and that belief fades a little every time you open your mouth. So stop! And step up," Bailey said.

Fans of the ABC medical drama were split on seeing Alex as Chief of Surgery, considering his history on the show.

Later, despite leaving her chief duties behind, Bailey is still seen fixing the surgical schedule and helping as Alex is overwhelmed by a complicated emergency.

Bailey initially decided to have Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) as the interim chief of surgery, but after she freaked out seeing that Owen — her baby daddy — was happily coupled up with Amelia, she decided to walk away from the new job and not tell him about the baby.

With the interim chief position up for grabs, Bailey had to listen to many doctors in the hospital attempting to get the job for themselves, when Jo (Camilla Luddington) returns saying she will not be going to Boston and instead wants to have a research fellowship at Grey Sloan.

Bailey agrees to work on the fellowship with Jo — who officially changed her name to Karev — and, since Alex had quit his job to move with Jo, picked Karev to be her temporary replacement.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.