'Grey's Anatomy': Another Doctor Leaves the Hospital, and Fans Have Thoughts

Grey's Anatomy saw another main character consider jumping ship in Episode 4. The long-running ABC medical drama saw Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) find himself helping to treat a patient at Pac North after a medical emergency, which Alex (Justin Chambers) took as an opportunity to attempt to poach another doctor from Grey Sloan Memorial. The episode had fans giving mixed reviews, as many still wish the show would reunite all of its doctors once again in only one hospital.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 4: "It's Raining Men"

The episode revolved around the aftermath of a medical journal publishing a negative story based on Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) ideas she had pitched them. Owen had the day off from taking care of his daughter Allison after leaving him at his mother's, but Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gets on his case about being on paternity leave.

Owen says he will be staying away as long as Koracik's (Greg Germann) restraining order is still in place. Their conversation is interrupted when a patient arrives, but he refuses to be treated at Grey Sloan after reading the article. Owen quickly makes the decision to reroute to Pac North as Bailey finds out about the negative article.

Alex and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) have conflicting emotions about Meredith's article, before Owen arrives to the hospital with the patient. His plan was to drop off the patient with his old friends but Alex takes it as an opportunity to try and get Owen to make a change.

As Alex gives a tour of the hospital to Owen, they run into a doctor struggling with an emergency. Owen seems to be fitting in well with the struggling hospital.

Owen scrubs into surgery with Alex to treat the emergency patient. They bond about how things have changed at Grey Sloan since Koracik was hired. Owen admits paternity leave is harder than he expected, but he is doing it for Teddy. Alex officially offers Owen a job, and he says he has had fun today.


At the end of the stressful day, Owen tells Teddy (Kim Raver) what is happening when they run into Koracik. He says he's dropping the restraining order and offers him his job back, but Owen says he has taken a job at an up-and-coming hospital (Pac North) and he is not going to change his mind.

Who will be the next doctor to head to Pac North? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.