'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere Shocker: Tumor Discovered in [Spoiler]'s Brain

Will the Shepherd family ever catch a break?

In a devastating case of irony, on Thursday night's Grey's Anatomy premiere, it was revealed that the chief of neurosurgery, Dr. Amelia Shepherd, has a large tumor residing in her brain.

Although shocking, Grey's fans will likely find at least a little bit of solace in the diagnosis, as it possibly explains Amelia's irrational behavior over the last several months. The doctor has all but abandoned her marriage to Owen Hunt and has made several questionable calls when it comes to treatment for her patients.

The revelation came at the end of the premiere, when Dr. DeLuca and his sister, Carina, were going over a brain scan involved in Carina's research that displayed a large tumor. Amelia walks in, excited to see a potential new case, before the realization dawns on her that the tumor belongs to her.

We can't help but wonder how Meredith will take the devastating news, having just lost Amelia's brother, Dr. Derek Shepherd, in a horrific car accident just a couple of years before.


Though judging by next week's promotional clip, it seems that Amelia will be keeping the news to herself for awhile, so it's anyone's guess as to when Grey Sloan Memorial will feel the ripple effect of her condition.