'Good Fight' Original Cast Member Exiting the Show, and Fans Are Not Happy

It's been announced that one of the original cast members of CBS All Access' The Good Fight will [...]

It's been announced that one of the original cast members of CBS All Access' The Good Fight will be exiting the show, and fans are not happy about it. According to TV Line, actress Rose Leslie — who has played Maia Rindell on the series since it debuted — is leaving. In a comment given at San Diego Comic-Con, Good Fight creators Robert and Michelle King confirmed the news by saying that the Season 3 finale was a "sendoff" for the character.

Following the news, one fan tweeted out, "I love Rose Leslie's character. Huge loss for the show in my opinion. I am excited to see what she does next!" Another fan added, "Well, guess I won't be watching The Good Fight any longer. Rose Leslie was my draw."

In addition to Leslie, other original Good Fight co-stars to have exited include Justin Bartha and Erica Tazel. Currently, the show stars Christine Baranski, Michael Sheen, Cush Jumbo, Delroy Lindo, Sarah Steele, Nyambi Nyambi, Michael Boatman, and Audra McDonald.

Prior to her starring role on The Good Fight, Leslie shot to stardom by playing the Wildling Ygritte on Game of Thrones. The character became a love interest for Kit Harington's Jon Snow, with Leslie and Harington striking up a romance in real life as well. The pair are now married and share a child together.

In 2018, Leslie spoke to E! about her role as Maia Rindell and addressed how "different" it was from her role as Ygritte.

"Well, I think they're two very, very different characters," she explained. "The physique that one has to adopt in high heel shoes — automatically your shoulders are kind of pushed back because you're trying to walk in them and your core strength is being used."

"I think that that informs the kind of body language on screen, and I think that as a formidable character it's going to be hard to counteract that if you're going to be, I don't know, wrapped up in furs and running over a hill," Leslie added. "I find both of them formidable in their own unique ways."

"With Maia, there's a sharpness to the world of The Good Fight and the beautiful outfits we get to wear absolutely inform the kind of determination we have, kind of episodically speaking with all six court cases that we find ourselves in," the actress went on to say. "So I think the shoes, the clothes and the hairstyles and the kind of badass outfits that we get to wear definitely help getting across as a formidable presence."

CBS All Access subscribers can stream season 1-3 or The Good Fight at any time. Season 4 is expected sometime in 2020.