Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl Photobombs Countless Red Carpet Photos

Even before the 76th Golden Globes started Sunday night, there was a breakthrough star on the red carpet: the Fiji water girl.

The woman, identified as Kelleth Cuthbert, appears to have been hired by Fiji Water to make sure every star who walked the red carpet stayed hydrated through the night. She was seen wearing a royal blue gown, with thin black straps.

She can be spotted in photos behind stars like Julianne Moore, Tony Shalhoub, Alyssa Milano, Jeff Bridges and many more.

According to Cuthbert's Instagram page, she is a model and actress based in Los Angeles. She shared a photo from the red carpet before the show began, writing, "Not the worst way to spend a Sunday." Cuthbert also posted screenshots of articles about her in her Instagram Story.

Although Twitter fans did not know her name, many have already declared her the biggest star of the night, thanks to her ability to stay focused while being surrounded by some of the biggest stars on the planet.

"The fiji water girl is serving LOOKS. Opportunity seeking at its finest. Get it queen," one fan wrote.

One fan even turned her into a meme, editing the poster seen in A Star Is Born.

"Lets be honest, the Fiji water girl is the real winner tonight," another viewer wrote.

"At this stage the FIJI water woman might actually be more famous than the Hollywood stars for being seriously camera thirsty! I love her," another viewer tweeted.

Once others discovered Cuthbert's identity, people began flooding to her Instagram page to shower her with compliments.

"You're the best one in Golden globes," one person wrote.


"You look great! Killed it," another wrote. "And I hope @fijiwater pays you 10x what they agreed to pay you! Because this is epic for them. Free advertising."

Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for FIJI Water