Pregnant Meteorologist Ginger Zee Slaps Down Twitter Troll Who Bullied Her Over Form-Fitting Dress

Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee was criticized for wearing a form-fitting dress while pregnant, and had the perfect response for the hater.

Earlier this week, the 37-year-old Zee wore a three-color dress, with the beige section covering her baby bump.

"You have complained about being pregnant for months," one female viewer wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "Who chose that dress?"

"I don’t remember complaining," Zee replied. "I remember being quite happy about it. I guess we all perceive things differently. And I am responsible for hiring or choosing my own wardrobe — so, me!"

Another Zee fan told her she should ignore social media comments. She wrote back, saying she sometimes feels the need to remind people there is a "human at the other end of the keyboard."

"I am happy to hear everyone’s opinions even if I don’t agree and sometimes feel a responsibility to remind them there’s a human at the other end of the keyboard," Zee said. "Happy to give them that attention they need. Hope it helps someone else in their path."

Zee announced on GMA in August that she and husband Ben Aaron are expecting their second son. The baby will be born next month.

“I feel good!” she said in August. “Five months left. [My belly is] gonna get big. That’s why I had to tell everybody because it’s already happening.”

Aaron and Zee are already the parents of 2-year-old Adrian.

Aaron is also on television nearly every day. He co-hosts the syndicated talkshow Pickler & Ben with country singer Kellie Pickler. The show was picked up for a second season earlier this month.

Last fall, Zee released her memoir, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One, in which she discussed her battle with depression and past suicidal thoughts.

“I’ve been lucky to find a husband who doesn’t judge my past,” Zee told PEOPLE in December. “In fact, writing this book, he wanted more, which says a lot. He’s like, ‘I want to listen. I want to be a part of that.’”

Photo credit: ABC/Lou Rocco