'Ghosts' Season 2: Pete's Feelings Surface for Alberta in Hilarious Sneak Peek at 'Alberta's Podcast'

The notion of questionable endings thanks to true crime podcasts is not only an interest for the living but as we learn in the newest episode of Ghosts, even spirits are big fans of the genre! In a sneak peek first look at Thursday's all-night episode "Alberta's Podcast" airing at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS and streaming on Paramount+, the Woodstone B&B spirits are listening to a podcast about a gruesome murder — something Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) also reveals to Sam (Rose McIver) is just "called radio, what you're describing is radio." But as the podcast piques mass interest among the Woodstone residents, Pete (Richie Moriarty) suggests Alberta should get her own as a way to solve her mysterious death, though he does it most nervously.

With Trevor (Asher Grodman) explaining what the podcast they're listening to is all about as Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) and Alberta walk in, he details — in typical Trevor fashion — how this one "delves into the murder of a woman named Haley, which is especially sad because all Haleys are crazy hot." As Pete interjects that Sam should do a podcast about Alberta's murder, the object of his affection reaffirms his support by touting it a "great idea." Naturally, Pete's feelings come to the surface in what is seemingly verbal diarrhea. 

"Always thinking of you. I mean, not always! I have other interests too. Not that you're an interest. Would someone else please talk?" he says panicked with Sam butting in. "The ghosts think that I should start a podcast about Alberta's murder," she says to her husband Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), to which he chimes in that it would be a great idea. "A murder pod where you have access to the actual victim? I love it. Plus, it could drum up publicity for the B&B," he says.

With Sam sharing how she can pitch it to her boss at the Ulster County Review because they do podcasts, Sasappis (Román Zaragoza) butts in asking, "Speaking of podcasts, can we finish listening to this one?" With the show resuming and the podcast host revealing that the victim Haley's last trip was to a Pilate studio, Trevor is saddened as the podcast reveals its turn of events. "A Haley, who did Pilates? This story just got even more tragic," he says holding back tears.

In the episode, which is set to chronicle Alberta's backstory for the first time, Sam decides to host a podcast exploring the mystery surrounding the Prohibition-era singer's passing. Was she murdered? And if so, who did it? Elsewhere in the episode, Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) develops an unusual relationship with a broken washing machine. While previewing the episode with PopCulture.com, Pinnock said "Alberta's Podcast" is setting the CBS sitcom up for a "nail-biting whodunit" and fans should prepare to be "shooketh because the ghosts are getting spooky" this season.

Additionally, the relationship between Alberta and Pete is going to see some major blossoming per Pinnock. "Will she finally go for the good guy, or stay loving the bad boys? She's been used to dating bootleggers and murderers her whole life, who knows, maybe she'll find love with a good guy in her afterlife. Stay tuned!"

The multi-award-nominated series stars Pinnock, McIver, Ambudkar, Moriarty, Zaragoza, Wisocky, Jones, Grodman, Sheila Carrasco and Devan Chandler Long. Ghosts airs Thursdays at 8:30 pm ET on CBS and streams on Paramount+. For more about Danielle Pinnock, the show and its cast, stick to PopCulture.com for the latest and most up-to-date information.