'Ghosts' Cast Want to See 'Good Place' Star Appear on Season 2 of CBS Sitcom

The cast of CBS's new hit sitcom Ghosts has some ideas about who they'd like to see join the show in Season 2, and the name of a Good Place alum recently came up. During a recent interview with Collider, Ghosts actor Brandon Scott Jones (Captain Isaac Higgintoot) was asked who his "ghost-seeing confidant" is — or rather, the person who would believe him if he claimed to have seen a ghost. "I'm gonna say... my pal D'Arcy... She would be the most game," he replied, referring to his best friend and former The Good Place actress D'Arcy Carden.

Rose McIver (Sam Arondekar) chimed in, "D'Arcy Carden, everybody. The absolute hit actress we're dying to get on our show." Jones laughed, saying, "Yes, exactly. Yeah. But I would tell her...because I feel like she'd be the most game. Ready to go." Rebecca Wisocky (Hetty Woodstone) then threw out a suggestion that had previously been mentioned in the group, that Carden "should play Asher's sister," to which everyone — including Danielle Pinnock (Alberta Haynes) and Asher Grodman (Trevor Lefkowitz) — appeared to be overwhelmingly in support of happening.

While there is no confirmation that Carden is going to make an appearance on Ghosts, we do know that some new spirits will be uncovered in Season 2. According to EW, during the show's SDCC 2022 panel, Utkarsh Ambudkar (Jay Arondekar) revealed, "We have new ghosts." Meanwhile, McIver added how "the B&B will be open" with new guests but that also means, "it's not smooth sailing... and we have eight surprise inhabitants of the place."

Ambudkar went on to promise that audiences will "learn a lot more about [the Woodstone] ghosts and their histories" and interpersonal relationships. "Everybody here has a really juicy story that delves into their past," he said, further sharing that Sasappis (Román Zaragoza) will have a "special" moment in the new season and Hetty (Wisocky) "has her own awakening as a woman." Wisocky then chimed in and spoke about Pinnock, "Danielle has a wonderful flashback that we've all been waiting for."

Notably, Ghosts co-showrunner Joe Wiseman also previously confirmed that the new season of the show would bring in some new apparitions. "It's a big property, it's a big house… and we have thought of creative, fun ways to bring ghosts into the property," he told TVLine, explaining that they have to be careful when introducing new characters because it eventually "starts to strain credulity." Wiseman added, however, that "there are ghosts wherever Sam goes," so fans will get to know "some of the ghosts on neighboring properties" such as ones that were seen when Sam and Jay visited the Farnsbys in the Ghosts Season 1 finale. "That might have surprising connections to our ghosts, and we can get stories that way," Wiseman said. Ghosts returns on Sept. 29, on CBS and Paramount+.