'Ghost Adventures' Returns With Terrifying New Investigations

Ghost Adventures will soon return with Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley hitting the road with new hunts and cases of paranormal activity. Discovery+ reveals new episodes will premiere on the streaming service starting on March 10.

"I can't wait for everyone to see these investigations," Bagans said. "What we experienced and were able to capture is simply insane. I'm talking about highly intelligent spirits, prolific poltergeist activity and incredibly powerful energy that severely affected all of us, physically and emotionally. The evidence is mind-blowing."

The new season kicks off with "Montecito Mansion of Mystery." The episode follows Bagans as he senses a historic mansion with a tragic and mysterious past in Montecito, California, has called to him. When the crew attempts to re-create a séance in the home's majestic main hall, they capture some of their most compelling evidence to date.

Episode 2, "Mountain Oaks Mayhem," follows Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team on their trip to La Crescenta, California to investigate an abandoned home that has been infected with evil. The dark forces that dwell there tore a family apart, and anyone who dares step inside the house is left fearing for their life. The episode airs on Thursday, March 17. "Pacific Grove Nightmare" will follow on Thursday, March 24, detailing the group's trip to Pacific Grove, California, where they investigated a doll shop that supposedly held dark energy.

The "Whitmore Mansion" episode premieres the following Thursday, March 31. The installment will depict the Ghost Adventures crew's investigation into a Utah mansion soaked in tragedy and bloodshed. Unexplained paranormal activity has the new owner desperate for answers, and the team is concerned that a portal to hell has unleashed a negative entity into the home.

The final four episodes, "Panic on Pine Street," "LA Police Station Invasion," "Petrified in Pahrump," and "Steinbeck House Haunting" will air on the streaming service on April 7, April 14, April 21, April 28, respectively.