'Game of Thrones': Beloved Character Murdered in Battle

While many thought The Battle of Winterfell would bring the most heartbreaking deaths to Game of Thrones final season, the details from episode 4 of season 8 show that we were very wrong.

(Photo: HBO)

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 ahead

The heroes in the North had just finished saying goodbye to their fallen friends lost to the Army of the Dead before deciding to set their sights on King's Landing. This is a bad idea in hindsight after watching the episode.

On the way south, Daenerys is riding on Drogon and flying alongside Rhaegal when all of a sudden they're attacked by Euron Greyjoy and his fleet. The Ironborn leader and Ramsay Bolton replacement has hidden his forces behind some rocks apparently and still manages to get off two perfect shots.

Both hit Rhaegal, one in the chest and a killing blow in the neck. Much like when Viserion was killed by The Night King in season 7, the dragon bleeds like a stuck pig and crashes into the sea. The rest of Daenerys' forces are on ships below and watch the scene in horror, but it's only the beginning.

Some fans sounded off online after news of the death spread, stacking it against Viserion's death and how it feels cheap in comparison.

"I can't get over Rhaegal's death. Nevermind that he's a CG dragon, his last scene just strikes me as incredible cruel and cheap. You have the swelling, triumphant music that suggests everythings fine only to watch him get skewered repeatedly," a fan wrote on social media. "At least with Viserion, there was a sense of danger involved, when the Night King reached for his spear. But now viewers are supposed to accept that one of the last two dragons gets ended for plain shock value, from a ship Daenerys should have spotted miles away."

This would be enough shock for one episode, but Game of Thrones wasn't finished killing off Daenerys' closest allies. After the dragon is dealt with, Greyjoy clashes with some of the forces in the other ships and takes Missandei captive.

After re-grouping, Daenerys heads to the gates of King's Landing with her forces and they're met by Cersei, Euron, The Mountain, and the captive Missandei standing on top. From there, another character is cut down and we're left with another bloody episode.

Tyrion looks shocked, Grey Worm is devastated to lose his love, and Daenery's seems to have been pushed past her breaking point. What will happen in the next episode? Will it leak early? Will this be the breaking point for fans that are just barely hanging on to the series?


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