'Game of Thrones': What Fans Are Saying About the New Episode Leaking Early

Game of Thrones' final season has been struck by leaks yet again. The first episode was leaked early thanks to DirecTV's app, letting some fans get an early look at the season premiere. This week, Amazon Prime in Germany allowed subscribers to see the second episode of season 8 early.

As some fans tuned in to the first episode on their German Prime accounts, they were able to continue on right into the second episode, a pleasant shock for many who thought they'd have to wait until Sunday night.

The leak quickly spread online and fan reactions were exactly like you'd expect them to be. Some were excited to see the new episode earlier than they expected and in decent quality.

"We have a leak boys and girls," one user cheers online using the Game of Thrones hashtag.

"[Game of Thrones] why don't you just publish all the [episodes] [right now] & stop with the whole leak thing & get done with your s-- already?!" another wrote, pointing out the rash of leaks the show has seen in its past three seasons.

"They should leak episodes more often," a third fan wrote. "Can't be missing sleep every Sunday night and mess my pattern."

"Alternatively, please leak the rest of the season guys. Its 2019. Lets stop this 1 episode per week childishness," a third wrote.

A few others noted that if this episode had leaked, others could be set for a similar release. The third episode being the one they desperately want to see, with several alleged leaks fueling that fire.

"Dear hackers, pirates or whoever you are," one fan pleaded on Twitter. "Please leak the third episode, for god sake."

"Whoever has leaked episode 2 of [Game of Thrones] should have leaked that promo of episode 3 too," another user pointed out. "Now I have to f--ing wait for another 7 hours to watch it."

Some saved their energy to share some mockery and grief with HBO over the history of leaks they've had in the past.

Dear [Game of Thrones], Can't you keep your [season 8] episodes secured?" a fan questioned the show's official account on Twitter. "They are getting leaked! Yes i do care! My f--ing friends are giving me spoilers!"

"Keep next weeks episode safe cause nobody is if it leaks [HBO]," another fan seemed to threaten.

[HBO] [Game of Thrones] I dont care what you have to do. Please do not let episode 3 leak early. Please guys make everyone wait," a third fan requested on Twitter.


Game of Thrones has been plagued by leaks and spoilers all across its run, including some major moments in season 7 leaking early that spoiled a battle between the Lannister and Targaryen forces and a now iconic encounter with the Night King.

If episode 3 of season 8 leaks, as many are already hinting at, should HBO just go ahead and either lock up the rest until the very last moment or release them all to counter piracy?